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Year C

We will soon begin the  profound season of Advent, my own favorite season of the Church Year.  Unlike the holiday culture around us, the Church is not really in a  great hurry to get to Christmas during this season. Advent is really  about slowing us down, to pause, to hear God afresh. It is a time where  we are reminded to make room for God in our lives. Advent reminds us  that the life of faith is about keeping the windows of our soul as clear  as possible, to enable our lives to become places “where God can come and dwell.”

In this regard, our  WyoWorship Committee has prepared some beautiful Advent worship services  for use in our local churches. For each of the four Advent weekends,  they have developed both a Holy Communion service and a non-Eucharistic  service of Word & Prayer.

We encourage our churches to take advantage of these beautiful Advent worship services as they do their Sunday service planning.

Advent C Service of Holy Eucharist
Download DOCX • 56KB

Advent C Service of Word & Prayer
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Lighting Candle Prayers
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Lectionary Readings
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