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Wyoming Iona School
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Iona School

The Wyoming Iona School is an exclusive educational opportunity for Episcopalians answering their call to ministry to grow in faith, scholarship, and spiritual depth, who have completed the discernment process as defined by the Commission on Ministry (COM) for the Episcopal Church in Wyoming.


The school is part of the Iona Collaborative which offers a 3-year certificate program through the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas.  The Iona Collaborative is dedicated to offering graduate level curriculum and learning, which we have paired with resources from the Episcopal Church in Wyoming and other nationally acclaimed educational opportunities.  Each year a new cohort of students joins the school for their educational journey with a local mentor.  


For any queries, contact the Dean of the Wyoming Iona School, Rev. Linda Anderson - email:

Wyoming Iona School


The three main scholarly courses of study are Scripture, Church History, and Theology and Ethics. There is also an emphasis on understanding the importance of the Anglican tradition and theology of the Episcopal Church.

Courses focusing on faith and spiritual depth encompass the study of pastoral care, the Christian Mystics and spirituality, creativity in worship, and best practices to allow participants to grow their faith life and teach others in a leadership role.

Practical lessons focus on how students will move in the world within their ministry.  We take a hands-on approach, promoting and encouraging the students with the tools needed for their life’s journey and work in their faith communities.

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