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Meet Our Team

The Episcopal Church in Wyoming is served by teams comprised of Staff,

Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, Commission on Ministry and Intake Officers.

Staff Team

The Right Reverend Paul-Gordon Chandler

The Right Reverend
Paul-Gordon Chandler

Jessica Reynolds

Jessica Reynolds

Canon for Finance and Administration

Lara Gilbert.jpg

The Rev. Lara Gilbert

Canon for Spiritual Formation & Congregational Development, Bishop's Chaplain & Dean of Wyoming Iona School

Bishop of Wyoming

Bobbe Fitzhugh.jpg

The Rev. Bobbe Fitzhugh

Canon for Mission, Outreach and Evangelism / Missional Priest-Region 4

Katie Parrish Social Media.jpg

Katie Parrish

Executive Director for The Foundation for the Episcopal Church in Wyoming

Kira Bachus_edited.jpg

Kira Bachus

Administrative Assistant

Allen Doyle_edited.jpg

Allen Doyle

Youth Events Facilitator

Kenli Barling.jpg

The Rev. Kenli Barling

Minister for Congregational Care/

Missional Priest-Region 2


The Rev. Roxanne Friday

Indigenous Minister

Randy Belton 3_edited.jpg

The Rev. Randy Belton

Vicar, Region 5


Tom & Jennie Ketner_edited.jpg

The Rev. Thomas Ketner and The Rev. Jennie Ketner

Regional Priests, Region 3


Genie Osburn

Communications Manager


Keith Ware

Property Coordinator, Wind River Reservation


Jordan Bishop

Canterbury Fellowship Coordinator


Robert & Rebekah Mason.jpeg

Robert and Rebekah Mason

Co-Directors, TAC Retreat Center


The Rev. Warren Murphy

Diocesan Historian and Ecumenical & Interreligious Liaison

Megan Nickles

The Rev. Megan Nickles

Chair, WYO Worship Committee

Linda Anderson.png

The Rev. Linda Anderson

African Partnership Liaison

Standing Committee

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee, meeting at least twice a year, serves as a confidential “council of advice” to the bishop. When there is no bishop, the Standing Committee is the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese. It must approve the sale or encumbrance of property, gives consent for elections of bishops, and approve candidates for Holy Orders.


The Rev. Megan Nickles, President (2023)

Mary Beth Evers (2023)

Linda McElwain, Vice President (2024)  

The Rev. Pamela Bright, Secretary (2024)

Vernon Miller (2025)

The Rev. Linda Anderson (2025)

If you need to contact the Standing Committee please email:

The Diocesan Council’s mandate is to carry out the program and policies adopted at our Annual Convention; administer and (if necessary) modify the budget; review diocesan programming; initiate, develop, consolidate or terminate work in the diocese; and prepare programs and budgets for presentation to the next convention. Regional representatives to Council are also charged with communicating with and reporting on their region and hosting the pre-convention meeting in that region. Click here for the most recent council minutes.

The Rt. Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler, President

The Rev. Amy Mayes (2025)

Kim McAtee (2024)

Shirley Wildman (2025)

The Rev. Walt Seeley (2023)

The Rev. Mike Evers (2024)

Brian Knox (2023)

Walt Tanner, Treasurer (ex-officio)

Beth Lance, Chancellor (ex-officio)

Katie Parrish (ex-officio)

Regional Representatives

Region I: Shealee Donahue

Worland (2024)

Region IV: John Sullivan

Cheyenne (2025)

Region II: Mary Appel

Gillette (2024)

Region V: Peg Larson

Rock Springs (2023)

Region III: The Rev. Lori Modesitt

Wheatland (2025)

Region VI: John Angst

Dubois (2023)

Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council
Episcopal Church in Wyoming

Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry (COM) assists the bishop in developing, recruiting, forming, and assessing those called to ministry in the church. Their work encompasses those called to lay or ordained ministry.

The Rt. Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler, Bishop of Wyoming

The Rev. Walt Seeley (Chair) 

The Rev. Rick Veit (2025)

Lili Turnell (2024)   

Christy Lev (2023) 

The Rev. Charles Clarke (2025)

The Rev. Karen Walker (2024)

The Rev. David McElwain (2024)

Lay Vacant

Jessica Reynolds Secretary (Ex-officio)

The Rev. Canon Lara Gilbert (ex officio)

Commission on Ministry

Intake Officers

Anyone may contact the diocesan intake officer to report concerns about the behavior of a member of the clergy (priest or deacons).

The intake officer will:
• Listen with respect and maintain confidentiality
• Offer pastoral care and response
• Create a written report regarding the concern(s) presented
• Answer questions about the process

Intake Officers

Heather Duncan-Malone

(307) 251-9165

Clint Hernandez 

(307) 237-5584 or (307) 262-2378

Intake Officers
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