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Liturgical Resources

Worship, Episcopal Church in Wyoming

There is a profound desire and need to revitalize our worship, to provide spiritual freshness for those currently attending our churches, as well as to be more relevant to those who visit them. One of the ways the Episcopal Church in Wyoming is meeting this need is to be a strategic resource for new alternative liturgies that resonate with or are based upon our distinct Anglican/Episcopal ethos and spirituality. In this regard, our Worship Advisory Committee, led by the Rev. Megan Nickles from St. John’s Church in Powell, and the Rev. Canon Lara Gilbert (Canon for Spiritual Formation & Congregational Development), creates alternative liturgies for use in our Wyoming congregations and beyond.


In addition to the new liturgies that offered, we will be providing on-going practical assistance as to how to best benefit from these various resources. 

Click a link below for various liturgical offerings.

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