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September 1 through

October 21, 2023

Opening Program & Reception

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Community Fine Arts Center


Our GROUNDED exhibition is coming to Worland. Featuring 15 exceptional and unique Indigenous American artists from in and around the Great Plains region, opens at the Washakie Museum on September 1 at 6:00 pm.

Plan to attend the special opening program and reception!

This special opening program features special speakers, including curator and celebrated Northern Arapaho artist Robert Martinez, as well as other Native participating artists, along with Bishop Paul-Gordon Chandler, a sacred drum circle, and the cedaring of the artwork.

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Registration  deadline  - December 1, 2023. Space is limited to 25 pilgrims.

Act now! This pilgrimage is open to all Wyoming Episcopalians.

Registration  deadline  - December 1, 2023. Space is limited to 25 pilgrims.

APRIL 17-21, 2024 - Alabama

The Rev. Canon Bobbe Fitzhugh, Mission and Innovation, will lead this pilgrimage on a transformative journey as we explore sites important to the social justice and racial equity movement in the United States. Our Faith Journeys tour guide will take us on an Alabama pilgrimage designed to highlight the struggle for civil and human rights, racial equity, and reconciliation. We will visit some of the most significant monuments, museums, churches, and memorials, and have time for reflection, processing, prayer and reconciliation.


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Bishop's Visitation Schedule

See the calendar below to follow our bishop's travels across the Wyoming frontier.

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