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Lay Ministry, Episcopal Church in Wyoming

Lay Ministry

The licensing of Worship Leaders, Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors and Lay Preachers is the responsibility of each congregation.


To re-license any of these ministries, all present licensees are requested and encouraged to complete a refresher training workshop regarding their particular ministry. Any new licensees will be required to complete training and education as described in the below documents for the specific lay ministry.

To obtain the licenses, each congregation will need to send a list of names, verifying training and education, to the Bishop and the Commission on Ministry. This verification should come from the vestry, and the priest or deacon (whoever provides the training). After review by the Bishop, signed licenses for each licensee will be sent to the congregations, and a commissioning rite will be held during a Sunday worship service. All licenses shall be in effect for a period of three years.

Lay Ministry, Episcopal Church in Wyoming

* WISE Lay Ministry is a discerned ministry for lay people in the Diocese of Wyoming who are called to embrace a new kind of lay leadership in our churches.  For details regarding WISE Lay Ministry, please click here.

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