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Fri, Oct. 7 - Sun, Oct. 9, 2022

Cody, Wyoming

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Diocesan Convention

(Cody Cattle Company)

Convention Theme & Guest Speaker


We will be focusing on cultivating a “sacred harmony” between all peoples and with the earth, with the objective of helping us more fully participate in the healing of our world and fostering spiritual wholeness among all peoples. We will be learning from the wisdom of Celtic spirituality to help us embrace the interconnectedness of the Sacred, the natural world, and one another, and seeing everything on the earth as living in relationship.

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Plenary Speaker

John Philip Newell is a Celtic teacher and author of spirituality who calls the modern world to reawaken to the sacredness of the earth and every human being. Canadian by birth, and a citizen also of Scotland, he resides with his family in Edinburgh and works on both sides of the Atlantic. In 2016 he began the School of Earth and Soul (originally called the School of Celtic Consciousness) and teaches regularly in the United States and Canada as well as leading international pilgrimage weeks on Iona in the Western Isles of Scotland. His PhD is from the University of Edinburgh and he has authored over fifteen books, including A New Ancient Harmony, Sounds of the Eternal, The Rebirthing of God, and his latest major publication Sacred Earth Sacred Soul.

Newell speaks of himself as “a wandering teacher” following the ancient path of many lone teachers before him in the Celtic world, “wandering Scots” (or scotus vagans as they were called) seeking the wellbeing of the world. He has been described as having “the heart of a Celtic bard and the mind of a Celtic scholar,” combining in his teachings the poetic and the intellectual, the head as well as the heart, and spiritual awareness as well as political and ecological concern. His writings have been translated into seven languages.

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1701 Sheridan Ave

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1601 Sheridan Ave

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8 Southfork Road

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Allen Doyle, Diocesan Youth Coordinator, is hard at work planning events for all youth that will be attending this year's convention. One such event will be a Youth Lock-In at Thomas the Apostle Center. This is not just for youth delegates-all youth are invited!

More information will be coming soon.

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