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Year A

The birthday of the Church, Pentecost, will soon be upon us, on May 28. It is a day where we celebrate the coming of God's Spirit among us anew and afresh.

As we prepare to celebrate this special day together as the Episcopal Church in Wyoming, may we all "see, hear, and feel" Pentecost in new and festive ways. In order to help us do that in each of our Sunday worship services, we have put together for you some suggestions - please see: Ideas for Pentecost

We have also developed special Pentecost liturgies for you to use, both for services of Holy Communion and Word & Prayer in Word documents below.  You may cut and paste from these documents as you wish. Please find below the links to these services, which you may use as they are presented, or adapt according to your specific context.

Pentecost Day Service of Holy Communion
Download DOCX • 33KB

Pentecost Day Service of Word and Prayer
Download DOCX • 30KB

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