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Father DeSmet's Prairie Mass Site

This is the site of Wyoming's first (Catholic) Mass, taking place on July 5, 1840 by Jesuit Missionary Pierre-Jean De Smet.


Pilgrimage Focus

Suggested Spiritual Practices

History of the Site

The congregation was said to have over 2,000 individual present at that first Mass. They included Native Americans, fur trappers and traders.
A stone altar was constructed for Father De Smet's Mass. Later a cross granite cross was added in which they also constructed a small Chapel.
There are services conducted here every year on the second Sunday after the 4th of July every year at 10am. The Chapel is cared for by Our Lady of Peace in Pinedale, Wyoming.
This site was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1970.

Spiritual Significance

This particular service is known to be one of the earliest church services conducted in the Rocky Mountain region.

Nearby Church

Saint Andrews in the Pines - 524 W. Pine Street - Pinedale, Wyoming - 9 am service
Saint John the Baptist - 340 Smith Avenue - Big Piney, Wyoming - 10 am service
Saint Hubert the Hunter - 14254 US 191 - Bondurant, Wyoming - 11:15 am service



The closest community with motels is Pinedale, Wyoming.



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