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St. James'

Riverton, WY

Christ Church, Cody WY

Christ Church, Cody  WY



10:00 AM

Our History

When the town of Riverton was being formed, Rev. John Roberts entered the drawing for the townsite. His number, 331, was drawn early and he was able to get the third lot from the corner of Seventh and Main on the north side of Main Street. At his new lot, Rev. John Roberts built a small frame church which was completed in 1907. St. James’ Episcopal Church was the first church built on the townsite. In 1931, a church was built on the corner of Sixth and Park. The church was made of logs donated by Ricker Van Meter from the Wyoming Tie and Timber Company. The log church was consecrated in 1934.The old church on Main street was sold to I.D. Woodward and was moved to 710 East Adams to serve as a private residence. The church eventually had to be abandoned because of dry rot in the supporting walls with the last service being held in November of 1973. A new church was built and the consecrated on December 1st, 1974. The church that was constructed in 1973 is the building in which St. James’ Episcopal Church is currently worshipping.

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​(307) 856-2369

519 E Park Ave, Riverton, WY 82501


519 E Park Ave, Riverton, Wyoming

Christ Church, Cody, WY
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