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St. David's Church - Shoshone Episcopal Mission

Fort Washakie, WY

Christ Church, Cody WY


St. David’s Church at the Shoshone Episcopal Mission is an thriving church serving the Eastern Shoshone tribe. The property also has two other church buildings, the historic St. John’s Chapel and Church of the Redeemer, as well as a schoolhouse cabin, a Parish Hall, and a rental house. Due it our unique history, we receive visits from many tourists arrive throughout the summer to see these historical buildings and drive ½ a mile to see Sacajawea’s grave and the oldest Episcopal Church building in Wyoming, known as Mission House.

Christ Church, Cody  WY



9:30 AM

Our History

In 1868 Chief Washakie, the renowned chief of the Eastern Shoshone tribe, gave 160 acres of land to Rev. John Roberts, the Welsh Anglican missionary priest, to build a church and school for his people. The Shoshone Episcopal Mission and a girls boarding school were built and completed in 1890. The school taught Shoshone girls living on the reservation, but as many of the students lived up to 20 miles away from the school, it was necessary to having a boarding component to the school. While the church on the Shoshone Episcopal Mission, known as St. David’s, continues as an active church, regretfully, the historic girls school building was destroyed by a fire in March 2016.

Contact Us


​(307) 332-7925

PO Box 175, Fort Washakie, WY 82514


189 Trout Creek Road, Fort Washakie, Wyoming

Christ Church, Cody, WY
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