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St. George's

Lusk, WY

Christ Church, Cody WY


St. George’s is a small group of followers of Christ that strive to make a significant impact in our community through worship and community outreach. We offer Morning Prayer services two to three times a month and Holy Eucharist one to two times a month, depending on the time of year. In addition, with the help of the Episcopal Church in Wyoming we try to do Christ’s work in our community with events such as “mustard seed dinners,” which offers an opportunity for fellowship and fundraising for several local groups every year, as well as a chance to share the Good News. All are welcome at St. George’s.

Christ Church, Cody  WY



9:00 AM

Our History

St. George's was consecrated in 1899 when the town of Lusk was just three years old. It was named after the patron saint of England, as most of early congregation was English.  In 1956, the church was moved to its current location.  It was enlarged and redecorated, with the exterior faced with stone. The original carved rood altar screen was carefully dismantled and moved to the new location and reassembled, and continues to adorn the sanctuary of the church today.  A parish hall was eventually added on the west side of the church.

Contact Us


​(307) 340-0785

PO Box 38, Lusk, WY 82225


120 W 5th St, Lusk, Wyoming

Christ Church, Cody, WY
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