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All Souls'

Kaycee, WY

Christ Church, Cody WY


All Souls' Church has many community services as we believe that we serve as Christ's hands and feet.  All Souls’ supports the food bank at the General Store for the whole community. There is a sharing shed where people in need can pick up clothes and household items. We work within our community to help sponsor Alliance for Hope, and offer them financial assistance their fitness program, where they encourage all to get active and moving. We also help the local math class by providing materials that teach youth how to manage money. In general, we seek to help wherever there is a local need.

Christ Church, Cody  WY



10:00 AM

Our History

All Souls Episcopal Church in Kaycee began as a store front mission in nearby Edgerton. In the late 1930's it was decided to build a church in Edgerton from logs harvested in the Big Horn Mountains above the city of Buffalo. As the community in Edgerton declined, the church building was moved to Kaycee in 2006.

Contact Us


​(307) 258-0372

Carole Buckingham:

PO Box 12, Kaycee, WY 82639


232 Parkway, Kaycee, Wyoming

Christ Church, Cody, WY
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