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St. John's Church

Powell, WY

Christ Church, Cody WY


All are welcome, whoever you are, wherever you come from. We aspire to provide hospitality throughout the year to all comers. There is a social time each Sunday after the service. There is always coffee, almost always treats, and occasionally a rich spread and sometimes lunch. Praying together, being together and caring for one another is at the heart of St. John’s communal life. Companionship, presence, and a listening heart in times of illness, grief, caregiving, and life celebrations are central to our health and wholeness.

Christ Church, Cody  WY



10:00 AM

Our History

We extend the welcome and love of God to all who come to church. Our worship is something we do together.  The complete service each Sunday is printed in a program – no book shuffling or seemingly secret ways to get the hang of – and your voice is welcome and necessary.  Worship is rooted in Scripture, which we take seriously but not literally, and follows the rhythm of The Book of Common Prayer, although we often use other worship sources.  Holy Communion is held on most Sundays and all are welcome to participate.

Contact Us


​(307) 754-4000

PO Box 846, Powell, WY 82435


308 Mountain View Street, Powell, WY

Christ Church, Cody, WY
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