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We will soon be entering  into a 40-day period of preparation for the Easter celebration, the  sacred season of Lent. Lent is an intentional journey that we take as a  church community – a journey of reflection, prayer, repentance and acts  of mercy. It is a season where we agree to befriend the fact that all is  not well with our soul. This is why we devote attention to the  discipline of self-examination during Lent.

The Episcopal/Anglican  tradition offers rich resources to do all this in our worship during  Lent. These varied practices are an opportunity to adopt a new rhythm of  life, preparing our hearts for the great drama and joy of Holy Week and  Easter. A shift in liturgical tone contributes to the spiritual  formation of your congregation in a unique way.

This is a traditional and reflects very closely a standard "Book of Common Prayer"  Service of Holy Communion. This liturgy is a re-release of a liturgy  originally made available during Lent of 2022.

*NOTE:  See the notes on the Sources page at the end included within this  liturgy for information regarding the supplemental resource of  "Enriching our Worship."

A Liturgy of Holy Communion based on _Enriching our Worship_
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