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(Apsáalooke-Crow/Northern Cheyenne)

Unbroken Spirits, 2019

Oil on canvas
30” x 40”

In honor and remembrance of the essence of our existence, our sacred indigenous women are the life force of creation and the heart of our nation. This piece was dedicated to my Northern Cheyenne Reservation to uplift my people and remind them that we are still here persevering through the hardest of times. No matter what we go through, our spirits will remain "unbroken," like those who fought for us to be here. The strength of our identity lies within the heart of our women from beginning to end. They say the Sun shall never set on our Cheyenne people. We are the Creators of light; even in darkness we shine from within.

Knowledge, Power, Respect, 2021

Oil on canvas
30” x 40”

Knowledge is Power and Power is purpose that cannot be defined by purchase. Money cannot buy wisdom, wits or street smarts. In this life, you have to have the Knowledge, then when you have the Knowledge, you get the Power. Once you have the Power to make positive change, you get Respect from the people. Real Power can only exist from within, it is not what is acquired on the outside. Wisdom is the most valuable thing in this Universe that has to be earned, not given. It is up to us what we desire in this lifetime in order for our people to prosper in the future. Recognize, realize, and get wise. Live life grounded.

“Education is your most powerful weapon. With knowledge and education, you are the white man’s equal; without it, you are his victim, and so shall remain all your lives.”
-Apsáalooke Chief Plenty Coups

Carlin Bear Don’t Walk is a Crow and Northern Cheyenne artist from the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Busby, Montana. He is an award-winning oil painter and illustrator. The passion behind his purpose is wielding the power to inspire and motivate through the context of creation. Giving viewers a glimpse into that Reservation window where he comes from. Carlin’s art is an expression of authentic narratives, imperative to where he lives, blended with energetic pigments, reflecting experiences of his ancestors and relatives.

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