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Bwana Asifiwe, Praise the Lord!

Let us serve our brothers and sisters in Africa in the love of Christ

You can help

The Episcopal Church in Wyoming has closely worked with the Diocese of Kiteto in
central Tanzania and the Diocese of Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania for many years.
As God’s children, we are called to serve each other, and over the years we have
assisted both dioceses with many projects that benefit the people of Tanzania. Through
our partnership, we have had the opportunity to have Tanzanians visit us in Wyoming,
and many in our churches have visited Tanzania.


This past year, our Africa Ministry Team also traveled to Kakamega, Kenya, a city near
Lake Victoria, to establish a new relationship with the Diocese of Maseno North,
Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), under the leadership of Bishop Charles Kascan
Asilutwa. They visited churches in rural communities to worship together and spent time
with Bishop Charles and his staff, building relationships with people throughout the

Please join us in our mission of coming alongside our sisters and brothers in Christ in

Goat Project

In the Diocese of Kiteto, when you purchase a goat for a family, you provide milk for the family, financial support when the family sells extra milk, hope for the future when they save money for the education of their children.


Provide Tuition for a Student

There are students at every level of education who are not able to achieve their goals. Help support primary, secondary, theological and/or a nursing student further their educational dreams.


Feminine Sanitary Supplies

Donating to provide reusable sanitary supplies allows women to be a part of ongoing life. It allows them to participate in public life of work, school, play. It also helps the environment.


Other Basic Needs

This fund will be used to support programs our three partner dioceses in Africa are currently implementing – i.e. planting and building churches, providing for priests and deacons, food and school supplies. . .the list is endless.

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