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Braille Trail Casper WY

The trail tucked away on Casper Mountain offers hikers the option to experience Nature using all of the senses. Hikers are encouraged close their eyes or blindfold themselves and hike the trail using the provided ropes. With your enhanced since of smell and hightened hearing you will find yourself in a thin space and closer to the creater.


Pilgrimage Focus

Suggested Spiritual Practices

History of the Site

Dedicated in 1975 to the visually handicapped and sighted of America to enjoy God's unique world of Nature

Spiritual Significance

Using your other senses to take in Nature in a way that brings you closer to God.

Nearby Church

St. Stephen's and St. Mark's



Casper WY



Strube Loop Road on Casper Mountain Road.

Contact Info

None, it is open to the public

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