St Andrew's Church

Meeteetse, WY

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St Andrew's, Meeteetse Wyoming


St. Andrew’s is proud to be an essential part of the Meeteetse community. Though small in numbers, we seriously take the admonition to “be the hands of Christ in the world.” We are known and recognized by our community as being a church with “open doors.” Our Parish Hall is available for parishioners, community groups or individuals to use, and we make every attempt to make our Sunday Worship services welcoming to new and regular attendees. In addition, our weekday afternoon Church School is attended by children from all denominations - or no denomination. All are welcome. We have an active prayer chain group and make every effort to share prayer needs for our friends, families and others. We are known for being very community-oriented. When we see a need in the community, we make every effort to reach out with available resources.


We also have a great bell that calls us to worship on Sundays! Many in the community love hearing the ringing of the bell - whether they’re coming to St. Andrew’s services or not.

St Andrew's, Meeteetse, Wy


Sundays at 9:00am 

Our History

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church was one of the first churches in the town of Meeteetse. It was consecrated in 1915.  Many stories are told about St. Andrew’s ministering to the community of Meeteetse right from the beginning.  From the outset, it has been known as the church that cares for the “unchurched.”  The bi-monthly services of Holy Communion are taken by clergy of churches in larger surrounding communities.  During the alternate Sundays, Lay Ministers lead the service.


1116 Park Avenue, Meeteetse, WY 82433

 (307) 868 - 2534

St. Andrew's Church

PO Box 88

Meeteetse, WY 82433