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Peter Sabella

Palestinian Christian, Author and Middle East Specialist

The Foundation for the Episcopal Church has provided a grant for a Diocese-led annual Wyoming Residency Program that will bring to Wyoming an individual that can serve our churches and their respective communities by fostering a space for exploring the intersection of faith and spirituality with the humanities, culture and global affairs (i.e. scholar, artist, activist, etc.).


The first residency (August-September 2023) will bring a Holy Land Pilgrimage to the people of Wyoming who have not had the opportunity of visiting the Holy Land. We will be hosting Mr. Peter Sabella, a Palestinian Christian leader from the Holy Land, who will serve to broaden understanding of both of historic Christianity and the unique role that Arab Christians play throughout the Holy Land and the Middle East.


Additionally, during Mr. Sabella's tour, with the goal of serving our communities in Wyoming we are partnering with academic institutions, and community and cultural organizations, to educate about contemporary Middle Eastern affairs, by providing a distinct message on the importance of peace and reconciliation. In addition to speaking in many of our churches, Mr. Sabella will be speaking at all of Wyoming's higher education institutions (i.e. community colleges and UW).


On the Road to Emmaus

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An Invitation from the Holy Land to walk the Road of Emmaus in our daily lives


In Search of a Common Sense of Justice!

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September 10
Sunday 6:00 PM

A Historical Review of the American Role in the Middle East Peace Process (1948-2023)

Peter Sabella

Palestinian Christian, Biblical Scholar, Author and Middle East Specialist

Peter Sabella is the author of Closed for Renovation: On the Road to Emmaus, published in English and French.  Peter has also authored Animal Globe, An Allegorical Dystopian Novel about Purpose, Choices, and Consequences, which he describes as a "global novella version of Orwell's Animal Farm."  In it, he addresses multiple global conflicts and concerns and identifies the main elements needed for conflict transformation.  His latest book, Was Jesus a Jew or a Palestinian?  Preserving God's Sanctity and the Church's Sanity from Ideology!  is scheduled for publication by mid-2024. He is Fluent in English, French, Hebrew, and Italian, in addition to his native, Arabic.


Peter E. Sabella is a leading Licensed Tour Guide for tourist and pilgrim groups visiting the Holy Land. Before that, Peter worked as an Emergency Program Officer at the Italian Consulate, identifying, designing, and implementing Emergency Interventions and Humanitarian Aid in the West Bank and Gaza. Peter's work in one of the most chronic locations of conflict and wars focused on health issues, the provision of medical supplies, urgent food delivery to the most vulnerable people affected by conflict, education, and solving infrastructure problems, all of which resulted from the ensuing armed conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.


As a Palestinian Christian from Jerusalem, Peter brings the unique perspective of being both Palestinian and Israeli.  He received his Master of Arts Degree in Peace and Development Studies from the University of Guttenberg in Sweden and his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Bethlehem University, the first university established in the West Bank.  His Master's Thesis, assessing the American mediation roles in the Camp David Summits of 1978 and 2000, was awarded a "University Distinction."

Peter possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and the religions of the Middle East and has the unique capacity to interconnect the Bible, history, archaeology, politics, and theologies of the Middle East.  He is a captivating, engaging, knowledgeable, and personable lecturer in theological and secular venues.  Peter's knowledge about the Middle East is unparalleled; coupled with his easily understood presentation style and his ability to relate effortlessly to a wide variety of audiences, the opportunity to interact personally with him as he "Brings the World to Wyoming" is one not to be missed!"

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