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There is a profound longing and desire to revitalize our worship, both to provide spiritual freshness for those currently attending our churches, as well as to be more relevant to those whom we desire to invite to our churches.  One of the ways the Episcopal Church in Wyoming will be serving to meet this need is to be a strategic resource for new and fresh alternative liturgies that resonate with or are based upon our distinct Anglican/Episcopal ethos and spirituality. In this regard, our Worship Committee, led by Rev. Megan Nickles from St. John’s Church in Powell, is working on creating an online resource library of liturgies for our Wyoming congregations and beyond.


We will be doing this through a new worship website. In addition to this worship library being a dynamic liturgical resource, we will be providing on-going practical training as to how to best benefit from these various resources. Click link below for the most recent WyoWorship Committee services.


2022 Year C

Advent Worship Services

Advent is the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas and also of preparation for the Second Coming of Christ.


2022 Year C

Pentecost Worship Service

Feast of Pentecost, which takes place each year on the 50th day after Easter, Resurrection Sunday.


2022 Year C

Lenten Worship Services

40-day period of preparation for the Easter celebration, the sacred season of Lent.


2022 Year C

Pillars of Faith Worship Service

Ordinary time can be understood in terms of the living out of Christian faith and the meaning of Christ’s resurrection in ordinary life.

As this webpage develops we hope to focus on the following three liturgical categories.

Anglican Communion
Liturgies from throughout the Anglican Communion and beyond

In addition to our own Episcopal Church Book of Common Prayer, this section will include beautiful and moving liturgies from other Churches in the Anglican Communion (such as from New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, the Church of South India, the Church of Kenya, etc.). Additionally, we will provide links to alternative liturgical resources, such as Celtic-oriented liturgies, among numerous others.

Wyoming-related liturgies
Wyoming-related liturgies

This area will include the growing number of liturgies that have been developed or will be developed growing out of our own Wyoming context - such as those relating to the beautiful and majestic natural world all around us here, to the distinct spiritualties that are reflected in our state.  Examples of this are our Wyoming Eucharistic Prayer, the Wyoming Gloria, and Native American-oriented liturgies that will be developed from which we can all benefit.

Liturgies developed through Worship Committee
Liturgies that are developed through our Worship Committee

Our liturgical committee will be providing on an ongoing basis liturgical resources they have developed for our use, that are written here in Wyoming.  These creative and deeply spiritual liturgies will be related to specific seasons of our liturgical calendar, to feasts and festivals, to specific celebrations, as well as to felt needs (i.e. “Liturgy of Healing with Holy Communion” for the Prevention of Suicide,” etc.)

Worship Committee

Rev. Megan Nickles (Chair), St. John’s, Powell, Wyoming

Rev. Mary Caucutt, Christ Church, Cody, Wyoming

The Very Rev. Brian Gross, Dean, St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Laramie, Wyoming

Rev. Bobbe Fitzhugh, Canon for Mission, Outreach & Evangelism, Casper, Wyoming

Rev. Lara Gilbert, Canon for Canon for Spiritual Formation & Congregational Development and Dean of the Wyoming Iona School, Casper, Wyoming

Rev. Pamela Bright, St. Paul’s, Evanston, Wyoming